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Your Own Beach on an Island – Prime Texas Beach Front Properties & Waterfront Property for Sale
Waterfront Property for Sale
Sunrise Shores offers beach front properties for Mustang Island, Texas. Our beachfront real estate offers a truly unique experience in oceanfront property. If you are looking for waterfront property for sale, look no further. Our Island offers beach front properties that provide a distinctive experience as a beachfront real estate owner. Your property line is where the shore meets the sand, take a look at our waterfront property for sale today and start living a new life tomorrow.

Location, location, location.” You get 1,000 feet of unobstructed beachfront view. This special Texas beachfront property is located on an island where ownership extends to the water’s edge of the warm Gulf of Mexico. That’s right! You can own your own beach. This almost seven acre property has 2.5 acres of *grandfathered footprint, permits building 150 feet from the water’s edge, no matter how many times you rebuild on this acreage. All other new structures in the area must build 350 feet back from the vegetation line. More view than 12 acre tract's on the market. You will be closest to the beach and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. You will be in front. You can own this yourself, or develop a condo community on it. It is said that Mustang Island is the best beach property investment in the United States today!!!
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Beachfront Horse property with Stables and Carriage House

These allow for grandfathered horse property. This is the only available horse property available on Mustang Island. 5000 square feet of horse stables with carriage house.

Press Release: March 2008

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